Don’t want to get caught with your pants down in a crisis? Fineman PR developed an animated video to demonstrate an easy way to remember the basic communications principles that will guide you through a crisis response. We call it PANTCHEK. Each letter represents a guideline that will help you keep your pants on.

Even experienced communicators can get rattled when the phones are ringing off the hook – from the media, regulators and other government authorities, customers, the general public, employees and the board. Not to mention the fires breaking out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Response time has shrunk from 48 hours to 48 minutes to what feels like 48 seconds.

Memorize PANTCHEK to get your priorities in order so you won’t flail and fail in public. Here’s an easy visual story to help you get started.

Click on the video above for an animated demonstration of PANTCHEK. 





  • Public welfare is the first priority
  • Assemble the facts. Once they are verified, Announce All bad news at once
  • No blame, No speculation, No repetition of negative charges or questions
  • Tell your side of the story or Take responsibility
  • Care and Concern for those affected – express it sincerely and right at the outset
  • High-level organization spokesperson – let the public see the crisis has top-level attention
  • Ensure that it will not happen again with a solid plan that will generate confidence
  • Keep a separate plan for moving daily business ahead

View our crisis checklist here.

Michael Fineman is president of Fineman PR, a San Francisco public relations firm that specializes in crisis communications, brand PR and multicultural communications. Contact him here